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I've been down with Puro Instinct since back when they were called Pearl Harbor—how's that for some indie-cred chest-bumpin'. Puro Instinct is a stupid name, and it reminds me of those bi-lingual billboards that're poppin' up in big cities these days. It must be some study in assimilation; if you can't beat 'em, convince 'em to join your corner. And Puro Instinct are the kind of assimilation that'll put chillwave on the CW, or whatever channel "Gilmore Girls" is on these days.

I don't mean to sound too harsh, because I do dig it pretty hard. You can stream their whole EP on their bandcamp page, and it sounds good—sounds like the EP of theirs I downloaded when they had a different name. That guy got a mention on the "Lady Pop" mixtape, so you know it's good.

But we should still acknowledge it for what it is: an overmatched stab at Warpaint (who immediately followed the Peal Harbor track on "Lady Pop"). If Puro Instinct are about to be on "Gilmore Girls," Warpaint are fightin'-fit for... ugh, uh, the type of drama I would watch. I need to watch more TV.

Just learned on their Wiki page that Warpaint were formed on Valentine's Day 2004—which is rad because it's my birthday and also means they embody some sort of date or anti-date ethos. I think it adds something to the slippery anti-tension they create.

I've never watched it, but my guess is "True Blood" would air Warpaint. Not during killing scenes, though.

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