Jaill get bonus points for being from Milwaukee. I feel obligated to put that in the open because I get that feeling that if you drive in any direction long enough you're bound to run into another band exactly like them. They play up-tempo, feel-good rock 'n' roll and add little-to-no flair to their margarita-brand pop-rock.

Jaill don't do much to sweep you away. They do away with the bells and whistles of contemporary dance-pop, and clean up the lo-fi aesthetic of garage-rock bouncers like Harlem. Even their 9-to-5 workmanlike diligence distinguishes them from maybe their closest contemporary, the brazenly poppy slackers Let's Wrestle. Jaill are, for lack of a better expression, Milwaukee rock—always overshadowed by its neighbor (Chicago), but not without its own understated attractions. Milwaukee lacks much of the hustle and bustle or any dominant "scene" of bigger cities, but it captures the essence of a metropolis with rural familiarity. Likewise, Jaill capture the essence of danceable pop-rock without any discernible shtick. They don't care about standing out or making a scene, they just want to boogie. And this rad video for their song "The Stroller" proves that, above all else, everyone likes to boogie. I mean everyone.

Jaill - The Stroller from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

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