This song came out a while ago (January), but as part of the revisionist listening I've been doing the past few days I was reminded that I should've posted it a while ago. 

The song, "Facelove" by PS I Love You, was featured on a split 7" with the pitch-perfect pop jam "All Yr Songs" by Diamond Rings that was sold out long before I ever got around to it. It's not hard to figure out why.

"Facelove" reminds me of everything I wish Handsome Furs had become. It's more dynamic, more tepid and more full. Whereas Handsome Furs lock themselves into dizzying arcs and barrel through solitary lines of dart-like guitarwork, "Facelove" is more cognizant of its surroundings, more accommodating to the song's comforting scenery. Their debut LP comes out October 5 on Paper Bag Records.

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