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I never invested much in the indie vs. mainstream debate because I don't know anything about what anybody in the real world listens to. I know Vampire Weekend sells pretty well, I know people generally get excited about James Mercer stuff, but I have no idea how deep popular opinion digs.

Apparently they dig decently deep. LCD Soundsystem's new album, the spectacular This is Happening, hit #10 on the Billboard Album Chart this week. Cool, huh! Hipster Runoff already asked all the hypotheticals about what this means for LCD Soundsystem as an indie outfit, but my alarm went off at this quote from an MTV news article about the list:

The final debut in the top 10, at #10, is the second effort from indie-dance punks LCD Soundsystem,This Is Happening, which moved 31,000 copies.
(italics added)
This is most definitely not their second effort.

I'm not sure what this says about LCD Soundsystem's acceptance to the mainstream or if it only speaks to MTV's understanding of indie, nor am I really all that interested. I just want to know what it takes to be a copy chief at a joint like that.

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