Level Upped - Julian Lynch

Fellow Madison resident Julian Lynch popped up on Pitchfork today with a phat old "Best New Music" tag and the kind of track review that generally precedes even bigger things. The song, "Just Enough," reminds me of the drony, distorted elements of early No Age, but all cleaned up and ready for dinner. Also, like they were recorded by an ethnomusicology grad student. Like all of his songs, it imbues the kind of frigid assertiveness that imposes a lot of airy-yet-heavy concepts without stepping on your toes.

The song's album, Mare, comes out later this year, but you can see him perform at Madison's Gates of Heaven (which also has a website here, but talks a lot more about god and a lot less about rock) this Monday, May 17, alongside openers Austin Hays, Yellow Ostrich and Cedarwell.

This is the second Madison-based group to receive high mention from Pitchfork in the last year, and fellow BNM-er Zola Jesus is playing the Project Lodge June 26. Just thought I'd mention.

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