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Hey gang! I've got a preview for the Los Campesinos! show up in the Cardinal today, including an interview with their bassist, Ellen. It's not too, too long, and you can read all of it here.

Believe it or not, there are still tickets available. Which wouldn't be so unbelievable if the show the night before it hadn't sold out. Turns out, I also went to that show, and I wrote about it here. One part of the show that particularly struck me, and one I mention in the post, is that Sleigh Bells frontwoman Alexis Krauss might be a better template for the next Madonna than the commonly held working definition of Lady Gaga. Think about it and get back to me.

But tonight's Los Campesinos! show isn't the only big bill headed through Wisconsin this weekend. Daytrotter's third installment of the Barnstormer Tour hits Lake Geneva and Milwaukee Thursday and Friday, this time towing Ra Ra Riot, Delta Spirit and Free Energy, among others, along for the ride. I'm not stupid enough to question Daytrotter's taste in music, but I am a bit perturbed by their calendar. How can they in good faith call a tour a "Barnstormer" tour if one of its stops is in Milwaukee's Turner Hall. I'm not saying Daytrotter is selling out, I'm just saying. DIY isn't really DIY if the Y has a built-in marketing machine like Turner Hall's. Sure, the trio of Milwaukee venues—Turner, Pabst and Riverside—have really taken to booking big names in indie music; but—and correct me if I'm wrong about this—the point of a so-called Barnstormer Tour is that sometimes a "big" name isn't the same as an important one. Or, if it is, that "big" name can manage without a "big" showcase.

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