Heat Check - BBU

Kevin and I are taking spring break a week late at the podcast. But you can still scope the one we did last week right here. The heck if I remember what we talked about, but I remember having a whole lot of fun putting it together.

But I'm out of my shell for another reason now, and that's to talk about BBU. Their newest album/mixtape, Fear of a Clear Channel Planet, features many of the lyrical diatribes you'd expect from a band so clearly trying to replace Dead Prez, but unsurprisingly they're not as swift or intelligent (or as racist). Regardless, they're a welcome respite from the trite, unsubstantiated backpack-rap-gone-swiss-army schtick that seems to have consumed much of the hip hop game nowadays. And make no mistake—BBU aren't the militant Panthers a Dead Prez reference would assume: These guys can bounce, too.

Most notably, scope below for "Chi Don't Dance," the newest submission to 2010's Ultimate Party Mixxx (mix may not actually exist). It's hot, sure; real hot. But it's also got enough substance beneath its hop-scotch creep to sustain considerable strain. All I'm trying to say is, this isn't just another "Stanky Leg."

For further listening, they're giving away Fear of a Clear Channel Planet here.

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