We are the champions

Get a load of this: Kevin and my podcasts are now award winning! Which is saying something considering how often we abandon it to do other stuff like watch sports and sit around and get drunk. Off the top of my head, I can't actually remember what award it was that we got, but it was probably the most awesome one. It had something to do with media in the state, I think. Regardless, the new one's up; and while it hasn't won any awards yet, there's no telling what sorts of accolades are on the way for another half hour of senseless ramblings about month-old movies and poop jokes.

And in the spirit of talking about movies that hardly matter, get a load of this: It looks like that Hollywood meathead "Avatar" is coming back for seconds. Turns out, I guess they just left all the plot on the production floor. *Ba-dum chk*

And Michael Jackson's estate sold some exclusive goods. I'm linking to it because it's relevant and they're about to drop some fresh MJ stuff, but also because the AV Club cursed in it.

I have every intention of writing a follow-up to a recent "Slate" article about the twilight of indie and how it relates to the twilight of the baby boomers, but I'ma save that for tomorrow.

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