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For a while now I've been meaning to mention something about olde Gregg's new website, but I was waiting for an appropriate time to do so. And what better time than a new Tallest Man on Earth album leak?

TMOE, stage name for Kristian Mattson, is an essential grab for near everyone. He's the closest thing we have these days to an early-years Dylan, but his sharp, hoarse Swedish drawl and hit-the-deck finger-picking set him apart as a troubadour all his own. Lyrically, his profundity is in his subtlety, relying more on imagery and symbolism to weave the narratives Dylan often accomplished through dialogue or more conventional, linear storytelling.

For whatever reason, The Wild Hunt, follow-up to 2008's staggering Shallow Graves, sounds more like Dylan to me, and somehow that's a detraction. But detracting from brilliance still registers remarkableness (what an awful word, I'm sorry), and I've a strong feeling The Wild Hunt is a grower. Mattson's an onion, you see. Looks solid, but many layers underneath.

I should also clarify one thing: I met Mattson last summer and he's remarkably shorter than his name might suggest. If I had to take a gander, I'd guess somewhere near 5'6'' with boots on. Regardless, he was genuinely one of the nicest, most humble people I've met, and he sounds great on vinyl. Not sayin', just sayin'.

Of course, this isn't the only post on Skirts (same link as above), and it's definitely worth keeping up on his daily recommendations. Full disclosure: Gregg is my older brother. But he is also responsible for a large chunk of my musical taste, and to this point he's proven his taste in music to be just as reliable. So add it to your RSS feed before it gets taken down by the law.

And for good measure, here's a video of TMOE on KEXP playing "I Won't Be Found," which gives a decent idea of what his finger-picking's all about.

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