Soul Mixxx 9

Booty Shaker Deluxe Andrew Dambeck has unveiled the ninth installment of his venerable soul mixtape series, and it's a bruiser. He describes this one as having "everything from latin boogaloo to modern soul boogie," and while I have a feeling those words are made up, they're pretty good descriptors of what you're getting into. Especially the latin aspect, which was somewhat foreign to me in regards to soul music, but it's a refreshing change of pace.

Dambeck puts these out monthly and I'll do my best to post them here in constant rotation with my own monthly mixes. One thing to keep in mind: These are all thrown down onto one track, ripped from vinyl. It can get exhausting, sure, but I wouldn't put it here if it wasn't rewarding as all hell.

Git yr boogie on here and pay yr respects by hiring him for yr next party. This guy doesn't mess around.

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