March Mixtape - Rogue

I know, I know, it's a bit late. I was actually working on this one for a while, trying to find a suitable concoction for a trapeze-artist soundtrack. Instead I came up with this, the Rogue Mixtape. The soundtrack to doing sweet stuff like stealth missions and car explosions and fights with crowbars and pipes.

I had actually abandoned it altogether and even went so far as to get started on a different one for the month, until I saw "The White Ribbon." The unrelenting tension throughout served as my template, but instead of a front-to-back on-edge thriller of a mix, this one eventually takes off. Also, the "Nun's Litany" resolution is sort of a tongue-in-cheek roll-credits moment that probably only makes sense after watching the film, if ever at all.

It has a lot of cinematic qualities for me, and when I listen I subconsciously synthesize a narrative to go along with it. I'm not going to tell you what the narrative is, though, because I'd much rather you tell me the narrative you see/hear. It'll be awesome!

Liars - "No Barrier Fun"
Caribou - "Odessa"
Yeasayer - "The Children"
HEALTH - "Die Slow"
No Age - "Teen Creeps"
Queens of the Stone Age - "Feel Good Hit of the Summer"
Clinic - "Pet Eunuch"
At the Drive-In - "Metronome Arthritis"
The Walkmen - "Wake Up"
The Mountain Goats - "Lion's Teeth"
The Magnetic Fields - "The Nun's Litany"

Snatch yr copy here.
(Update: Link stolen per the law)

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