majer failer

It's never an excuse to simply call it a "long week," but that's what I'm going to try to pass off. But things are looking up. I have no midterms next week, which means I can make more promises of plentiful posts only to apologize for coming short later on.

There's not a whole lot going on around town this weekend. Well, there is, but if you're someone who would be interested (and also reading this blog), you've probably heard of them already. And, frankly, I'm late for Will Rante's surprise birthday party.

But I did write a review of Titus Andronicus' laughably awesome new album for the Cardinal this week, but I can't in good faith link you to it. To make a long story short, there are some parts of it I don't entirely agree with; and I wrote it. But I will take a moment to reflect on Jacqueline O'Reilly's work on the headline. At first I couldn't put the pieces together: "Remember the Titus (Andronicus)" is too matter-of-fact not to have a pop culture reference behind it, but I didn't immediately catch the "Remember the Titans" allusion. Of course, "Remember the Titans" is the thrilling saga of a high school football team thrust into a position of segregation on the field (and also Disney's best movie, srsly), which is an incredibly apt example of Civil War-related issues impacting modernity ("modernity" of course being relative in this instance), as we see how the lines on the field get blurred to become metonymic of the lines in society. In fact, "Remember the Titans" might be The Monitor's closest contemporary in that regard. And I have no reason not to assume Jacqueline put exactly this much thought into the process as well.

But anyways, off I go.

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