Trees falling on deaf ears

Sorry I missed out on this weekend, but it was my birthday and I didn't think too much was going on (though apparently I was wrong: word on the street is I missed quite a show by Dawes at der Rathskeller Saturday night).

Without sounding too self-righteous or self-promotive, my old co-editor at the Cardinal, Kevin Slane, and I have a new podcast up. We refer to it as a "popcast," though I'm suspicious we might be breaching some sort of copyright in doing so. At the risk of drawing ire from our esteemed colleague Dan Sullivan, we spoke at length about 3D films (which Anthony Cefali will have you know is actually 4D; tune in to find out why), as well as the state of Pixar and visually enhanced cinema in general. We also decide which Disney princess we'd most like to take on a date, though Valentine's Day is old news by now. And as much as I'd like to cast all the blame for the Disney soundtrack on Kevin, I can't. We win as a team and we lose as a team.

And the best news of the entire week:
Somebody answered the call: Titus Andronicus at the Project Lodge Apr. 6. Here's to hoping it stays there, too.

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