Juiceboxxx mixxxtape

Jake Victor has three albums on his iPod, Tyranny of Distance the only one not recorded in the seventies. He and Emma Roller are the two whitest people I know, so when those two get giddy enough to tweet about a rap album, I've learned to pay attention.

Juiceboxxx raps over some ambitious beats (DMX, Jay-Z and Lil Wayne all included on his production hit-list), but what makes them work is that he makes no attempt to be their successor. He raps honestly, addressing the problems he knows—suburban stagnancy, getting ill and just how low lower middle-class can go—without any distorted misperception of his own position. He doesn't want to inherit any title or throne, he just wants to go to "Discotheques that serve me wine." And that's what prevents him from falling on his face. He doesn't rap better than anyone else, he just raps harder (that is, the kind of 'hard' that's amplified by air horns, not street cred). He's the Andrew W.K. for a different kind of party, even if that party's best received through headphones.

Any Steev Mike can rap hard over some beats though, and what sets Thunder Zone Volume I apart from any number of high schoolers on YouTube is the original beats he got for the tape. Thunder Zone features appearances from both Spank Rock and Ninjasonik, Javelin and Teengirl Fantasy each produce a track and even Carrot Top and Diplo holler at him. This guy's not going to interfere with Freddie Gibbs' takeover, but he should immediately supplant LMFAO and save us all the headache.

You can grab Thunder Zone Volume I for free on his website.

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  1. i'm one of the "whitest" person you know?

    wtf i bleed purple drank.