Heat Check — Caribou

I know I'm late on this, and sure, it's pretty redundant pointing people toward a band everyone's been fully aware of since at least 2007, but this—the first single from their forthcoming follow-up, Swim—is worth taking special note of.

Before Woods, Real Estate and the like were blurring the lines between psychedelia and sloppy folk, Caribou's Andorra set the gold standard for rough (albeit summery, clean and new) folk music framed in psychedelic terms. But while their genre seems to be reaching a prominence with the glutton of lo-fi folksters out there nowadays, Caribou seem headed in another direction. On "Odessa," they bring the bass to the front and gloss over their folksy production, creating a subtle romp that shows no signs of wearing down. Swim drops April 19, and you can download an mp3 of "Odessa" from the band for the small price of an e-mail address here.

[I'm not entirely convinced (it could just be a little girl in a hood, idk), but chances are this video is NSFW]

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  1. Am I the only one who felt his voice sort of sounded like Stewart Murdoch in an echo chamber? Perchance I'm just listening to too much Belle & Sebastian...